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Tue. Sep 11th 2018
The Wolf Creek Fire Protection Association (Wolf Creek Fire Department) is soliciting from qualified vendors to provide Self Contained Breathing Apparatus equipment for the Wolf Creek Fire Department,...
Thu. Mar 23rd 2017
The Wolf Creek Fire Department is happy to announce that their new pumper is now in service. Training has been completed by personnel and all of the equipment is on the pumper. The pumper was placed...
Thu. Mar 23rd 2017
Wolf Creek Fire Department received a grant from the Ste. Genevieve Holsom Grant funding for a new thermal camera to go in the new recently purchased pumper. The camera purchased is the Flir K-65 The...
Tue. Apr 19th 2016
The Board of Directors of the Wolf Creek Fire Department recently voted to accept and sign a contract with First In Fire Trucks to purchase a refurbished 1999 Peirce Quantum Pumper. The truck will rep...
Fri. Sep 4th 2015
In August of 2015 the Wolf Creek Fire Department took delivery of a new tanker to replace the older tanker recently sold to another department. The tanker has a 350 GPM pump and 3000 gallon tank. The ...


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